industrial movements


Premiere21st of september, 2019, Kesselhaus Hannover
artistic direction / choreographyMónica García Vicente
dancersAlice Gaspari, Bettina Paletta, Loris Zambon
live musicEmre Kesim
photography Peter Hoffmann-Schoenborn
sponsored byLandeshauptstadt Hannover Kulturbüro, Stiftung Edelhof Ricklingen V.J.V. Osten

The Kesselhaus is an inspiring place for an artistic experiment on the role of women in industry. The performance of movement, rhythm and sound conveyed to the audience the arduous circumstances of working in dirt, soot, heat, confinement and noise. The performers transformed the boiler house into an instrument, from which the musician was even able to elicit entire melodies, and into a participatory space of experience in which the audience had to position itself independently in relation to the three dancers in order to find a perspective.

the kesselhaus is a magical place where new forms of expression can be found for communicating with the audience.


Mónica García Vicente