performance17th of september, 2017, finissage of the exhibition “Lichtungen” with a room installation by Elke Maier, Kulturkirche Markuskirche Hannover
artistic direction / choreographyMónica García Vicente
dancers Mónica García Vicente, Loris Zambon
organ Kantor Martin Dietterie
photography Heike Mischewsky
sponsored byHanns-Lilje-Stiftung, Evangelisch-Lutherische Landeskirche Hannover, VGH Stiftung, Calenberg-Grubenhagensche Landschaft

The artist Elke Maier strung 20,000 meters of white yarn in the church hall of St. Mark’s Church to create a spatial work of art in which the effect of light is crucial – it traces the course of the sun, causing the artwork to change every second. When sunlight reached the threads immediately, they glowed brightly, transforming into luminous materiality before the eyes of onlookers. In other states, the threads were almost invisible, but still present, which also had a mysterious effect.

Mónica was fascinated by this living structure that transformed light into something material, and established a physical dialogue between dance and light with her choreography. The dancers have to constantly overcome the abstract work, which consists of a structure like a cone of light that connects the sky to the earth and becomes an architectural structure, to reach the space in front of them.

A mystical relationship between space, movement and sound was created.