mary frankenstein


Premiere22nd of October 2022, Theater im Pavillon Hannover
artistic direction / choreographyMónica García Vicente
DancersMalin Bornemann, Maria Chariskou, Kino Luque, Alina Mohr, Emma Luise Möllmann, Daniel Smith
music & compositionMaewen Forest
dramaturgy Christina Rohwetter
costumes Trixxi Theis
lighting designChristoph Lubrich, Helen Berthold, Clemens Römeth
stage elements Gerhard Merkin
assistance Loris Zambon
Videomaker / editLaura Nicole Viganó
photography Peter Hoffmann-Schoenborn

The dance performance Mary Frankenstein is an artistic exploration of the multi-layered and contradictory facets of the human and the monstrous. The choreography embarks on a search for an aesthetic and dance language of the monster as the “enclosed excluded” and questions our concepts of normality and order, of humanity and being human, as well as how we deal with the repressed and the alien in ourselves and our society.

The reference point is the author of the Frankenstein novel, Mary Shelley, who in our dance performance Mary Frankenstein merges into one with her two literary creatures, the egomaniacal scientist Viktor Frankenstein and his “monster”.


i was very touched by the novel “frankenstein” in its complexity and advocacy for the “monster”, also because it gave me a somehow intimate approach to its author mary shelley.


Mónica García Vicente

remember that i am your creature.
i ought to be your adam,
but i am rather the fallen angel,
whom you drivest from joy for no misdeed.

i was good.
misery made me a monster.
make me happy, and i will again be virtuous.


EDITED EXCERPT FROM Mary Shelley, Frankenstein*

dance installation

The dance installation with the subtitle „Making Monsters“ shows poetic images of the monstrous and questions its origins and conditions of origin.

Three 12-minute performances were shown simultaneously at three stations in the Kesselhaus/Hannover.

open rehearsal

In the context of TANZtheater INTERNATIONAL festival we gave insights into the current rehearsals for the dance performance “Mary Frankenstein” at the “Audience Whisper” (at Ballhof Eins, Hannover).