hablando de carmen


Premiere15th of june, 2019, Eisfabrik Hannover
artistic direction / choreographyMónica García Vicente
dancersLoris Zambon, Bettina Paletta, Alice Gaspari
live music/compositionJürgen Morgenstern-Feise
dramaturgy Christina Rohwetter
costumes Trixxi Theis
light designChristoph Lubrich
photography Dorit Schulze
sponsored byLandeshauptstadt Hannover Kulturbüro, Niedersächsisches Ministerium für Wissenschaft und Kultur, Region Hannover, Klosterkammer Hannover

This artistic work on the myth leads to a reflection on the existential human themes of love, life and death, sexuality, freedom and violence.

When “speaking about Carmen” with words, gestures and sounds, the clichés liquefy. New perceptions, insights and forms of expression emerge beyond the stereotypes. Dance, text and music are equal and moving elements of the choreography, which are in a permanent dialogue on stage – in search of alternative, liberating stories about the myth of Carmen.


the woman is bitter as gall; but there are two occasions when she is pleasant: in bed and on the bier.


Palladas; Later The Motto Of The Novella
“Carmen” by Prosper Mérimée