i am [not] giselle


Premiere03.11.2023, Theater im Pavillon Hannover
artistic direction / choreographyMónica García Vicente
DancersCamilla Matteucci, Laura Garcia Aguilera
cdc-DancersEmma Hesse, Laura Schepers
compositionMaewen Forest
dramaturgy Christina Rohwetter
Light Design / ScenographyKristina Schmidt
CostumeLuzie Nehls-Neuhaus
Artistic production managementRat & Tat Kulturbüro
PressHanna Ehlers
Social Media / VideoLaura Nicole Viganó
GraphicMaïté Müller
photography Peter Hoffmann-Schoenborn
Assistant DirectorCarolin Chantal Schaefer
sponsored byLANDESHAUPTSTADT HANNOVER KULTURBÜRO, STIFTUNG NIEDERSACHSEN, Sparkasse Hildesheim Goslar Peine, Stiftung Edelhof Ricklingen – V. J. V. der Osten, Ballettgesellschaft Hannover e.V.

„Giselle is considered a masterpiece of classical ballet. Created in the era of early Romanticism, it is still part of the repertoire today. As in other ballets of the time, the titular female character, with whom the male protagonist, not befitting his station, falls in love, appears as a sexless, virtuous, innocent and dependent being. Admittedly, this image corresponds more to contemporary male fantasies and patriarchal ideals of femininity than to the realities of life for women and dancers in the 19th century.

„I am [not] Giselle“ is a choreographic experiment in search of the real woman in romantic and contemporary ballet. The two dancers embody the complex and contradictory aspects of womanhood and femininity: on, behind and beyond the stage. They explore their own longings and passions and those projected onto them, states of dependence and autonomy, their own bodies as voyeuristic objects of display and subjects of female desire. Choreography, musical composition, costume and scenography create an aesthetic and expressive formal language of self-exploration, not least to give Giselle a stage as a real, complex woman.


In addition to the performances, there will also be an Open Rehearsal (on 25.10.2023), audience talks following the Premiere (03.11.2023) and Dernière (06.12.2023), as well as Opening Acts before some performances (09./10./12.11.2023):

Audience talk with choreographer and ensemble

On 3 November (premiere) and 6 December 2023 (dernière), the mónica garcía vicente DANCE PROJECT invites all audience members and interested parties to a post-show talk with Mónica García Vicente and her ensemble, to discuss ,,the complex and contradictory aspects of being a woman and of being female” . On, behind and beyond the stage. Duration approx. 30 min.

Opening act by CDC dancers

What is an Opening Act?
Artists performing before the main act.

The idea for the opening act came about through Mónica García Vicente’s Connection Dance Center (CDC). Two dancers from CDC 2023 have the opportunity to create their owninterpretation of the choreographic process of „I am [not] Giselle“ on stage.

What is the CDC?
The CDC is an annual project lasting several months in which young dancers have the chance to gain professional experience in the world of dance under the eye of choreographer Mónica García Vicente.

Cast: Emma Hesse, Laura Schepers.

6:30 p.m. Opening act by CDC dancers
7:00 p.m. Break
7:30 p.m. Main act: I am [not] Giselle


i scratch at the surface of ballet blanc, removing layer after layer to give real women a stage in their diversity.

i scratch at the surface
of ballet blanc,
removing layer after layer
to give real women
a stage
in their diversity.


Mónica García Vicente


We showed a piece from ,,I am [not] Giselle“ at the TanzSichten open-stage format in the Kunsthalle Faust/Hannover Laura was unable to perform on the day due to an injury, so Camilla danced her part “with” the video of the performance projected on the wall.