move a performance


Premiere8th of november, 2019, within the framework Of FrauenORTE in Bewegung, Lister Turm Hannover
artistic direction / choreographyMónica García Vicente
dancersEleanor Freeman, Lauren Anne Murray, Bettina Paletta, Loris Zambon
live musicEmre Kesim
photography Peter Hoffmann-Schoenborn
sponsored byLandeshauptstadt Hannover Kulturbüro, Stiftung Edelhof Ricklingen V.J.V. Osten

Three soloists, three choreographies, three spaces… and one composition. The theme: female creativity in art, politics and science. The place: three rooms in the Lister Turm, on different levels of the building, in which the three eight-minute solo performances are shown simultaneously. The audience moves from room to room, from level to level, and becomes, as it were, part of the overall performance. The choreography becomes a mediating instance between performers and audience, which is challenged to position itself again and again and to look for perspectives beyond the traditional view of a stage dance.

The viewers of the video “Move a Performance” can track down this aesthetic experience of the diversity of perspectives in the various body images and intersections and perhaps even empathize with them.


move a performance: movement, music and space in polylogue