trip to malawi


tripseptember 2018, Malawi
dance workshopsMónica García Vicente
photographyMichael Wallmüller

_50 years of twinning between hanover and blantyre/malawi

On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the town twinning, the Hanoverian association Freundeskreis Malawi organized a three-week trip to Malawi in September 2018, in which a delegation of 16 Hanoverians participated.

The association initiated a variety of projects in Malawi. Mónica performed her own dance performance at the Jacaranda Cultural Centre JCC as part of a showcase with various artists* from Malawi, as well as giving various dance workshops in the village of Chingaliere and in Blantyre.

Workshop at Jacaranda-School, Limbe-Blantyre
With the support of the Jacaranda School and the Jacaranda Foundation, two workshops were held at the school. Many students showed great interest.

Workshop at the Blantyre Arts Festival
During the stay in Blantyre, a workshop was offered at the Blantyre Arts Festival, conducted by Mónica. Suitable dancers were invited to show their skills.